Job Openings Company Nurse

About the job Company Nurse

Position Title: Company Nurse

Classification: Associate

Salary: 20,000 - 25,000 a month

Reports To: Account Manager, Client

Primary Relationships: Client

Date: November 2021

Schedule: USA Business Hours


We are looking for a certified company nurse to provide basic healthcare services to our company’s employees. The company nurse will be responsible for developing and implementing Health and Safety Programs, assessing health risks, in addition to the prevention and treatment of resultant illness or injury. The company nurse should promote good health among employees by assessing them at regular intervals, keeping health records for every employee, and maintaining good communication with company management regarding healthcare and safety. To ensure success, the company nurse should possess excellent knowledge and skill in emergency healthcare-related issues in the workplace. They should also assess the work environment to identify any work hazards and plan intervention programs accordingly.


● Develop and implement health and safety programs.

● Provide emergency treatment in the workplace.

● Administer over-the-counter medication to employees.

● Create a clean, and comfortable sickbay area.

● Promote healthy eating and wellness programs.

● Document all employee injury and illness and keep this
   information confidential.

● Improve the health of employees through on-going programs and
   health checks.

● Develop strategies to ensure maximum employee work input.

● Communicate with management on a regular basis.

● Make sure the company is compliant with DOLE OSH Program

● Validation of Employee Medical Certificate

● Work with HR in availing SSS Maternity and Sickness Benefit


● Registered Nurse

● Excellent English language skills (written and verbal)

● Proactive and willing to be trained

● Good time management and task management skills

● Proficiency in MS Office and Google Suite

● Proficient computer and technical skills

● Able to demonstrate initiative

● Attention to detail