Job Openings Cashier (Bacoor, Cavite)

About the job Cashier (Bacoor, Cavite)

Site: Molino, Bacoor, Cavite


    • Ensure proper recording of Sales through the Point of Sale systems present inside the kitchen and provision of Official Receipts to all orders
    • Assist in the availability of products for sale through the proper maintenance and update of the item inventory in Alfred and third-party applications/devices
    • Administrational work for the Operations department.


    • Coordination with the Line Cooks and Stockmen on the status and availability of items for sales
    • To ensure a fully stable work station with a working PC, tablet,  internet connection and printers to facilitate order receiving and preparation
    • Ensure cleanliness, correct storage and handling of receipts for storage
    • Assist when able in the dispatching of orders, especially that of Mart orders
    • Must be aware of the guidelines and principles of food safety and sanitation; frequently review and assess all kitchen procedures to ensure employees maintain a safe and hygienic environment.
    • Responsible for ensuring that all staff strictly follows the guidelines of CQSMA (cleanliness, quality, service, maintenance and atmosphere).
    • Other operational related tasks as deemed by management



    • Completeness of Receipts across all orders
    • Improvement in Data provision by timely provision of cancelled and voided receipts
    • Improvement in Cooking Time through the quick provision of orders to line cooks and official receipts to dispatching
    • Contribution to Company sales and transaction growth through the improvement of the metrics above

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • Graduate of any course or at least college level (2nd year)
    • With previous experience in a fast-food chain as a cashier
    • Knowledgeable in POS
    • Experience in dispatch, register receipts, and order fulfillment systems
    • Willing to work in shifting schedule, 6-day workweek