Job Openings Automation Engineer

About the job Automation Engineer

As an automation engineer at Coretecs you support companies within the Manufacturing and Process Industry to plan and execute their Industry 4.0 Transformation Journeys. We believe we can help our customers to reach the top by using the latest available technological tools, such as web-based SCADA systems or PLCs, and by combining IT and OT to get all data from the field up to the place where long-term decisions are taken.

This is who you are

  • You have an advanced degree in Engineering and/or IT
  • You have profound knowledge of control software development (SCADA, PLC, DCS)
  • You are skilled in main industrial protocols (PROFINET, OPC UA, MQTT, etc.)
  • You understand IT technology and languages (SQL, Cloud, JavaScript, etc.)
  • You are eager to delve into the subject of object-oriented programming (OOP) and agile development lifecycles
  • You know all about OT network technology (wired & wireless, cybersecurity)
  • You have a basic understanding of Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) concepts
  • You have an analytical and problem-solving mindset
  • You enjoy working collaboratively in a team environment
  • You can present a track record of leadership in an academic, professional, and/or extracurricular setting
  • You can communicate effectively, verbally and written, in Dutch, English and/or French
  • If you already have experience in the Manufacturing and/or Process Industry, thats a big plus

This is what you'll do

You will work in our team of Coretecs consultants providing an extraordinary combination of IT and OT skillsets. With us, you'll use your ability to drive Industry 4.0 Transformation Journeys and bring the operational excellence of all kinds of facilities to the next level.

Your projects will be focused on adding a new layer to OT control applications, allowing manufacturing and process plants to grow in their Industry 4.0 maturity. You will adapt or develop control applications (SCADA/PLC/DCS level) in order to get the right data out of the field and execute the right actions based on the gathered data.

This is who you'll work with

You'll be working with your Coretecs colleagues and fellow experts in an inspiring and energetic environment. All team members working at our company have unique skills and problem-solving capabilities to realise great digital transformation achievements together at our customers.

Our team exists of skilled and motivated individuals, eager to tackle technological challenges. Industry 4.0 Transformation Journeys can be challenging for multiple reasons. We ensure our customers that, based on our transformation expertise, mindset, and close collaboration, we will set new digital standards together.

This is what it's like at Coretecs

At Coretecs you're in control of your career. We aim to create an environment where each employee can thrive and grow in the subject and direction of their choosing. Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? We'll challenge you to start your own business within our ecosystem. Would you like to lead a team? We'll help you find your dream team and become a great leader. You want to become the reference in a particular technological/business field? We'll help you lift your journey to excellence.

You'll be part of a start-up without the headaches. As we are part of The Cronos Group, we provide stability and many possibilities to get in contact with the best experts in all kinds of modern fields.