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About the job ABAP Developer


As an ABAP developer at Corevist, you will work on the SAP systems at a variety of companies. This means you will be expected to know the subtle differences in SAP versions from 4.6C all of the way up through S/4 HANA.

Sometimes, you will be simply debugging function modules to apply fixes or enhancements. Other times, you will be working in our internal system to develop new features to our namespace package.

Each quarter, we build a new support package to be given to clients. This means using transactions SSDC and SSDA to generate new installation and update files.

We prefer to migrate our current function modules and programs into an object oriented set of modules.

Development of unit tests and configuring ATC to run these tests periodically is highly desirable so that we do not break existing functionality.

As an ABAP developer, you will also likely be able to learn Ruby on Rails in order to make it easier to understand how our functions are invoked from the web. We would like to shift away from using the Netweaver RFC SDK in order to take advantage of SAP web services. However, this can be challenging as our clients have varying levels of SAP Basis versions ranging from 640 to 740.

Familiarity with JIRA, Git, Google docs, and MV45AFZZ are very valuable. Russian language skill is also helpful.

You can expect to be asked about many of the following business specific features of SAP. Our ABAP development depends upon your understanding of their impact to the order-to-cash modules:

  • Material unit conversion (EA -> PAL, for example) and the difference between MEINS and VRKME
  • Pricing procedures, pricing conditions, condition records, pricing units
  • Open items, partial payments, residual items, payment terms and the difference between DMBTR and WRBTR
  • Global data vs local data
  • Currency conversion
  • Conversion exits
  • ATP and availability checking
  • SD Document flow and how to process an order through delivery, shipment, WM, billing document, invoice, and payment/clearing.
  • STMS, Transport management system

Other responsibilities include:

  • Excellent verbal and written skills required
  • Conduct technical project reviews
  • Mentor junior and other resources
  • Contribute to the Corevist knowledge base
  • Experience interacting with a wide spectrum of management and technical contacts
  • Commitment to client satisfaction and staunch customer experience focus
  • Ability to operate across multiple projects concurrently and assume the responsibility for the successful implementation of projects