Job Openings Chief Engineer for AHTS DP2

About the job Chief Engineer for AHTS DP2

Vessel Details: AHTS DP2 vessel under CSM-Saudi management with specifications:

2297 GRT / Length 65 m/ Main engine type/model: 02 x 2,200 kW, Niigata 6MG28AHX / UAE flag

Minimum experience requirements:

- Previous experience on board of AHTS DP2 vessels;

- Holder of a certificate, to perform the service as chief engineer on the vessel.

- Minimum five (5) years' experience as engineer of ship having not less than 3000 kw diesel engine.

- Previous KJO or ARAMCO approval is a plus

- Fully vaccinated against Covid-19

- Yellow fever vaccinated

- Good level of English language

Contract duration: 3+/-1 months on a rotation basis

Approved nationalities: Multinational crews on board. No limitation

Salary Information:  Competitive Salary; (travel days not paid, first 14 days of the first contract  are familiarization days and paid 50 percent)

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