Job Openings Class A Driver/Merchandiser

About the job Class A Driver/Merchandiser

Primary Function:
Deliver Company products and services to its customers in a safe and timely manner.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Ensures accounts are correctly rotated according to rotation policies and promptly removes overage product so that it never reaches the consumer.
  2. Communicates changes and/or opportunities in the individual accounts and the general market to the Pre-Sales Personnel, Route Supervisor, and Area Sales Manager.
  3. Develops a working knowledge of credit, State and Federal laws and regulations, and all Company policies relative to the completion of his/her duties.
  4. Ensures that delivery and merchandising standards are achieved according to company standards.
  5. Executes the pre-planned objectives assigned by the Sales Representative for each account.
  6. Directs the activity of a helper if applicable.
  7. Executes pre-trips and post-trips properly on all equipment that will be used to complete that day's delivery.
  8. Reports any problems with equipment encountered during pre-trip, delivery schedule, and post-trip promptly to the Fleet Manager.
  9. Operates all equipment in a safe manner and keeps all equipment, including trucks and trailers clean.
  10. Ensures that his/her daily paperwork involving invoices and collections are done in a neat and understandable way.
  11. Balances his/her daily paperwork to ensure that collections match invoices.


  1. Delivery Supervisor and Delivery Manager:
    Maintains open communication ensuring that he/she is informed of all matters pertaining to the assigned accounts, so that appropriate decisions regarding service strategies may be made.
  2. Warehouse Manager:
    Maintains open communication ensuring that all problems regarding loading, unloading, shortages, and overages are promptly reported in either written or verbal form.
  3. Public Relations:
    Seeks to create and maintain goodwill on behalf of the Company and its brands with retail accounts, supplier representatives, and the public at large.

Physical, Mental, and Environmental Demands:
Must be able to bend, reach, kneel, twist, and grip items as needed. Must be able to carry up to 50 lbs and lift up to 70 lbs.