Job Openings Bookkeeper

About the job Bookkeeper

We are seeking a Bookkeeper with QuickBooks Online experience.

Typical responsibilities include:

  • Maintain and correct books of accounts
  • Keep track of all payments, receivables, and revenues
  • Make journals, receive documents and bills
  • Prepare purchase orders and correspond with vendors on the same subject
  • Gather outgoing mail for the finance department (i.e., purchase orders, checks)
  • Prepare payroll reports, tax deductions and tax returns as required
  • Verify that all bank transactions are properly recorded in books of accounts as well as properly submitted to bank for payment
  • Prepare IBANs for overseas payments
  • Make reports for management
  • Calculate and pay taxes (i.e., income tax, sales tax, VAT, etc.)
  • Prepare internal revenue service (IRS) form 1099Rs as required
  • Generate reports for bank reconciliation, including preparing remittance advices for payments
  • Reconcile accounts payable so that all payments and receipts are properly accounted for in books of accounts (i.e., deposits in bank)
  • Prepare budgets, charts, and reports as required by management or customers/partners/suppliers/etc.
  • Monitor cash flow and accounts receivable as required by management or customers/partners/suppliers/etc.