Job Openings Photographer/Videographer (Temporary)

About the job Photographer/Videographer (Temporary)

The candidate will take photos and record videos of businesses and DARe-related activities as assigned by Biz Brunei’s project lead or videographers. The candidate is also expected to edit photos, and with training, produce finished (edited) videos for Biz Brunei or DARe use.

Key Responsibilities

Main responsibility

  1. Receive and cover photo, video and audio recording requests from project lead/videographers.
  2. Receive and cover photo and video recording requests from DARe focal points (outside Biz Brunei), subject to clearance by project lead to prevent clashing of assignments.
  3. Edit and upload photos onto cloud storage.
  4. Organise and upload video footage onto cloud storage.

Secondary responsibility

  1. Edit and produce complete videos for Biz Brunei or DARe use.
  2. Perform other post production editing of photos, videos or audio as assigned.
  3. Proactively suggest content leads for Biz Brunei.

Key Requirements

To showcase their experience and skill for the role, the intern is required to provide a portfolio or links to their photo/video work.

The candidate is also required to be:

  1. Proficient in taking photos and recording videos with full frame DSLR/mirrorless cameras.
  2. Competent in photo editing
  3. Competent in basic video editing.
  4. Have flexible working hours to be able to meet ad hoc requests.

The vacancy will be closed on 3rd July 2022.