Ofertas de empleo TL FullStack (React Node Java)

Acerca del puesto TL FullStack (React Node Java)

Profile Descriptions:

Develop and maintain web applications using ReactJS and Redux.

Collaborate with the development team to design, implement, and improve features and functionalities on both the frontend and backend of applications.

Work with component libraries, CSS, SASS, and other technologies to create interfaces.

Participate in code review, conduct unit testing, and ensure compliance with quality standards.

Work together with other developers and team members to understand technical and business requirements and translate them into effective solutions.

Perform evolutionary maintenance of existing applications, identifying and resolving issues, and proposing enhancements.

Explore and learn new technologies and approaches to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and practices in software development.

Perform DevOps tasks to implement tools like Jenkins and Openshift, and continuous integration and improvement using tools like Husky, SonarQube, ESLint, and other relevant tools.

Utilize the Scrum methodology for project management and actively participate in meetings.

Core Skills:

Solid experience of at least 5 years in developing applications using ReactJS and Redux.

Solid experience using Node.

Profound knowledge of Git and good version control practices.

Ability to work in a collaborative environment and demonstrate effective communication skills.

Previous experience with methodologies like Scrum for project management.

Experience in working with component libraries, CSS, SASS, and other similar technologies for interface creation (layout).

Solid experience of at least 5 years in developing applications using Java.

Problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt quickly to new challenges.

Experience with Graphql, CSS, and HTML.

Leadership. Lead teams to complete high-quality deliverables.

Desirable Skills(if any):

Full Stack development experience, with the ability to create REST APIs using Spring Boot Java and Maven.

Familiarity with continuous integration and continuous deployment tools like Jenkins and platforms like OpenShift.

Familiarity with tools like Husky, SonarQube, and lint for continuous improvement.

Experience in writing unit tests using Jest or React Testing Library (frontend) and JUnit (backend).

Experience working with microfrontends and BFF (Backend For Frontend) architecture.

Experience with Docker and Nest.