Ofertas de empleo Data Engineer Sr (GCP)

Acerca del puesto Data Engineer Sr (GCP)

Job Description

Senior Data Engineer:

Primary Responsibilities:

Develop and manage data flow processes to ensure the verification, standardization, and scalable transformation and storage of data.

Collaborate with clients' engineers to automate recurring ETL and reporting tasks.

Work closely with Data Analysts and Dedicated Advisors to design and implement business requirements, creating processes that enhance visibility into data through our data warehouse and reporting infrastructure.

Collaborate with front-end developers to ensure the cleanliness, accuracy, availability, and completeness of managed data.

Identify and address data-related issues or inconsistencies, producing actionable recommendations and implementing solutions, including the development of automated quality control scripts.

Integrate 3rd party API data to enhance data integrity.

Maintain data flows into BI tools.

Contribute to the development of the data warehouse and assist in curating data for the Data Science division.

Communicate complex quantitative analysis clearly and precisely to diverse stakeholders.

Required Skills:

Bachelor's degree (BS/BA) or equivalent practical experience.

Enterprise-class software development experience with a strong understanding of supporting SaaS products.

Personal responsibility for the quality of work, viewing it as a reflection of oneself and the team.

Development of long-lasting software that withstands refactoring cycles.

Familiarity with accepted Software Design Patterns and Enterprise Integration Patterns.

Passion for data with a desire to uncover insights in large datasets.

Experience with various data environments, including SQL and NoSQL, with the ability to discern when to use a specific approach.

Demonstrated ability to quickly learn and adapt to new languages; proficiency in Javascript and Python is preferred.

Commitment to meeting deadlines and effective management of expectations and priorities when unforeseen issues arise.