Job Openings Donations Marketing Manager

About the job Donations Marketing Manager

The Donor/Donations Marketing Manager develops and leads the donations marketing strategy, planning, and execution on the objectives and goals to grow donations. This position will also work with cross-functional teams to lead donor experience projects to improve the overall donor experience. This role will work with the Director of Marketing to develop and execute a strategic marketing plan and messaging for all donations marketing activities. This position will be the lead marketing liaison to each of our client's charity partners and their marketing teams, making sure partners are aligned and aware of events, branding, donations opportunities, etc., as well as work with the charity partners to increase donations through their donor/volunteer databases.

Develop and execute plans to address key learnings through donor research and significantly.

Grow donations from the existing customer base.

24% of Loyalty Members are not aware that they can donate.

34% of Loylaty Members are not aware of who our Charity Partners are.

67% of our donors do not exclusively donate.

Leverage the launch of internal tracking platform to build a database of store donations center

Donors and recommend utilizing this new database to drive donations frequency.

Using the current charity campaign promotions as a template, develop a recommendation for expanding new programs and creating a new source of donations.

Study and conduct new research to know donor’s hesitations/motivations/etc. when it comes to donating.

Finalize the donor persona that complements the current persona’s retail targets.

Effectively manage the Donations Marketing budget, specifically monitoring planned period, quarterly, and yearly budgeted amounts.

Develop and recommend the 2024 Donations Marketing Budget.

Develop tactics and strategies to convert customers to donors and develop KPIs to understand how these tactics work. Start testing different tactics in stores to see what works.

Develop and execute current charity programs + events on an annual basis.