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Software Engineer

Alloy Digital is a leading digital product development company specializing in UX/UI, design, software development, data services and insights. Some of our core competencies include data reporting, analysis, and storytelling across a wide range of data sets, helping clients optimize their customer touchpoints and experiences. We are headquartered in Birmingham, AL, and Atlanta, GA, but we are also made up of remote teams and we operate in a mostly remote environment.

Day-to-Day Activities

  • Develop high-quality, secure, and scalable code by adhering to industry best practices

  • Develop class libraries that are designed to perform efficiently and can handle increased workload without compromising on performance

  • Integrate multiple assemblies from different sources into a single, cohesive unit

  • Collaborate with the team to comprehend the client's requirements and guarantee that the system satisfies their expectations

  • Proactively remove defects from applications before they are reported by the user or client using strong problem solving skills

  • Develop software with a focus on adhering to code standards to ensure it can be easily maintained and expanded over a long period of time

  • Take ownership of your code and strive for excellence in terms of quality, accuracy, and performance

Job Overview

Technical Requirements

  • Proficiency with three or more of Alloy Digital's primary programming languages

  • Ability to ideate and develop independent software solutions that cater to the specific requirements of the clients

  • High level of skill and knowledge in creating effective and efficient databases through the use of proper table structures, normalization techniques, and indexing strategies.

  • Proficient in identifying and resolving potential issues in pre-existing code through static analysis techniques

  • Understanding of the design and implementation of cloud infrastructure using AWS or Azure

  • Set up projects for automated deployments through continuous integration and continuous deployment

  • Collaborate in developing project documentation that aligns with the Alloy Digital project process

  • Having the ability to comprehend and effectively convey information regarding the structure and components of an application's infrastructure

  • The ability to effectively manage conflicts that arise during the use of source control tools


  • Create a comprehensive list of maintenance items and updates for your codebase to ensure optimal performance and functionality

  • Provide support to the Quality Assurance team by helping them test the completed code

  • Ensure that all project code and architecture is properly documented and updated regularly to ensure accuracy and ease of maintenance

  • Collaborate with the team to gather requirements and create user stories that accurately reflect the needs and goals of the end user

  • Identify conflicting requirements or scope changes to established requirements and notify the project management team

  • Accurately (and regularly) track and report on task actual time in Project Management / Task Management tool

  • Self-manage time and expectations and communicate any changes that may arise

  • Attend and actively engage in all key project meetings, including the kick off, sprint commit, sprint review, and closure meetings

  • Participate in reviews, including requirements, design, and code reviews

Technology and Languages


React, Next.js, Gatsby, Vue


Serverless, Node.js, Express.js, C#


Sanity, WordPress, Butter, Contentful


React Native, Xamarin, Capacitor JS, Swift, Java


Postgres, Mongo, MS SQL


AWS, Azure