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Network Administrator (Birmingham, AL)

Are you a detail-oriented person who likes fixing things and solving problems? Do you prefer to work alone while you curiously search the nuts & bolts of an issue, find a solution, and repair the problem? In this position, you will have no direct reports and minimal oversight of your workday once clear guidelines have been established for your responsibilities.

We are looking for a Network Administrator for our tip-of-the-spear technology ecosystem. Our Virtual Technology Platform is patented and revolutionizes the delivery of high-caliber human beings to consumer touchpoints, improving operations and service. You will monitor and maintain our network environments with exceptional results. You will be responsible for monitoring of our multiple location network environments and proper reporting of faults/failures, as well as continual improvement of our systems and procedures. If you are a detail-oriented professional with over 8 years of experience in IT network administration, we encourage you to apply for this position. StoreEase is changing the way customer service is delivered.

Personality Traits Desired: Contains the need for a very high degree of structure and skill. You will approach your assignments with a strong drive to mastering and completing all tasks. Strong attention to detail and exactness as well as an inquisitive drive to analyze information and data on your own push you to the development of expertise and knowledge. You prefer to self-analyze data and information, drawing down conclusions and then storing them mentally to continue to develop. You love having expertise of information and facts. You enjoy a great deal of predictability and repetition where tasks are done in an orderly and systematic way. However, at times, you can tolerate or enjoy unpredictable failures, so that you can exercise your problem-solving skills. A high level of patience is necessary because there are multiple endpoints and various technology platforms that change over time as we iterate on our product, Virtual Management. The environment will be considered methodical, efficient, and productive.


To accomplish your primary goal of monitoring, troubleshooting and safeguarding computer networks and systems, the Network Administrator performs many tasks. The Administrator will have a solid background in TCP/IP, Microsoft Windows Networks, iOS mobile device management deployment, cloud-based management consoles, network equipment monitoring, configuration & deployment.

Monitor Systems

Using a variety of tools that include Meraki cloud management portal, CCTV cloud-based NVRs, and more. Look for hardware, software and environmental alerts or malfunctions. When an issue is identified, work to determine the cause of the problem.

Troubleshoot Problems

When a problem impacts business operations, work to triage or troubleshoot the problem. Follow standard operating procedures including coordination with third-party vendors, customer contacts or other team members.

Track All Issues

While responding to incidents, carefully track and document all issues and resolutions in detail. This increases the knowledge base of our organization and is a record of the overall health of the system. You will be responsible to accurately document within our systems.

Report Incidents

When problems are too large or complex for quick troubleshooting, follow standard operating procedures to escalate to the Vice President of Technology, and other IT resources or 3rd-party vendors for assistance in

resolution. You are responsible and accountable for maintaining ongoing communication with the team and keeping all stakeholders aware of relevant, known issues and steps being taken.

Improve Tools

You will be responsible for quarterly continuing education on the tools we use and related technologies. Additionally, you will be responsible for continual improvement of the tools used and related policies and procedures as directed by your manager.

Familiar with TCP/IP networking and network services including DHCP, DNS, VPNs, and routing Experience with cellular WAN backup configurations.

Experience with Cisco Meraki configuration templates, monitoring, and advanced configurations. Experience with QoS and optimization of live video streams.

Ability to perform remote troubleshooting with onsite vendors.

Mature troubleshooting and diagnostic skills.

Ability to work with non-technical users to troubleshoot issues.


Experience managing, supporting, and deploying multiple network infrastructures

Strong ability to diagnose server, network, backup and security alerts, events or issues Working understanding of common information architecture frameworks

Excellent time management and organizational skills as well as the ability to handle multiple current tasks and small projects with minimal supervision

The ability to address conflict with others constructively

Experience with disaster recovery plans and related technologies

Ability to work a flexible schedule when issues arise


Competitive salary based on experience

Company health insurance plan

Paid vacation and sick leave

Growing technology company with great culture