Job Openings Purchasing Project Manager: Loyalty & Promo

About the job Purchasing Project Manager: Loyalty & Promo


Create with passion

Globetrade is a dynamic, open, ambitious and experienced multinational company based in Kortrijk, as can be seen from its 25 years in business. In 2021, Globetrade employees made the crossing from the old to the new office building and settled in their new workplace with a customer experience center, standing desks and a roof terrace. Globetrade also has offices in France, the Netherlands, Italy, UK and China.

To bring fun, creative, innovative and safe premiums to the market that put a smile on the consumers’ faces, that’s our ambition! It is our mission to boost the sales of our customers by developing and producing best class promotional and loyalty items within our client’s budget. We are official partner of, among others, Disney, Hasbro and Mattel. We also cooperate with companies such as Quick, Unilever and Studio 100.

And now about you!

We are looking for a passionate Purchasing Project Manager to further expand our loyalty business, with a master or bachelor degree and minimum 5 years of useful experience.


What should you know?

When one hears the term “purchase”, it may bring to mind someone who literally “just” buys things. But that’s not the case for our purchasers. Their job is much more complex, diverse, and frankly, also more demanding. What does a purchaser really do at Globetrade?

  • First of all, you’ll manage in and co-operate on developing products with designers and suppliers, thinking of ways to make things work from a technical viewpoint, finding good compromises between quality, price and performance. Every product we come up with is customized.

  • You should mainly have a creative mind, be good with numbers and have analytical skills, be well organized and have common sense. Any toy figurine, (card) game or plush put in front of you, you have to be able to think about it and discuss what can be done with it. How to modify it, improve it, make it cheaper, and so on. That’s certainly the basis.

  • Good business is also built on good relationships, and customer centricity is key at Globetrade. Understanding your client needs, you can help answering their questions, solve their problems and develop a long-term strategic partnership with the client. Good communication skills and fluent command of English (written and spoken) is indispensable and you need to be able to communicate as well in Dutch. Knowledge of other languages is a plus (French, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, other...)

  • We manage several complex projects, so a bit of pressure is part of the job. The work has variety. We don’t do the same things over and over.


What makes the job fun?

  • The products! A large part of our products are toys and trendy lifestyle products.

  • You are in the middle of the entire process from initial development to the end: come up with something together with the graphic designers on product development, get nice products for a good price and bring them to a successful conclusion.

  • And of course the best part is the great feeling of seeing the end result of all your efforts and spotting the fun products you worked on in the open world!

  • A working environment that embraces team work, encourages you to take initiative and further develop your talents.

  • And not to forget … the colleagues!


What is the team like?

We are all young in spirit, passionate and sociable people. We can stand in for each other or take over entire projects if someone’s swamped. We are not just people who work together, we’re so much more. We never forget to celebrate the bigger but also smaller wins, we organize lunchtime socials with our colleagues trying foods from our ‘Smart fridge’. We are a team.