Job Openings Marketing Coordinator

About the job Marketing Coordinator

Dhruva Space Private Limited is looking for an aspiring or familiar-with-industry marketing professional who will be part of the startups storytelling team. The optimal candidate would contribute to the development, implementation, and optimisation of our various marketing efforts, while also promoting Dhruva Spaces offerings over different channels and keep in mind the KPIs set for the self and for the company. 

Roles and responsibilities

  • Working closely with Corporate Communications & Branding Specialist to undertake marketing and merchandising strategies

  • Collaborating with the internal Merchandising Coordinator to work with buyers, suppliers and distributors to negotiate prices, quantities and time scales, while maintaining good relationships with various vendors

  • Working closely with the Creatives Executive and Corporate Communications & Branding Specialist to produce original marketing material (digital and physical) that aligns with the company ethos

  • Engage in digital marketing responsibilities wherein social media management and content creation would come under their purview

  • Keep a track of companys digital marketing traction over time using Web analytics tools

  • Coordinate vendor activity for expos and exhibitions in which Dhruva Space participates; i.e. keep an outline of budget, needed materials for showcase, merchandise, etc.

The ideal candidate would be:

  • An organised multitasker with strong teamwork capabilities

  • Willing to immerse themselves in the fast-paced Space-tech startup culture

  • Able to have open conversations about the needs of the company across marketing and merchandising verticals

  • Willing to engage in a seamless workflow in order to meet deadlines for both the company and for target audiences

  • Possessing an eye for the most minute detail, be it in written, audio or visual content


  • Bachelors degree in Marketing or similar field

  • Evolving knowledge of SEO, SEM, digital marketing, social media platforms

  • Work on-site at Dhruva Spaces Hyderabad office with the team