Job Openings Marketing Specialist

About the job Marketing Specialist

Job brief

We are looking for a Marketing Specialist with excellent communication and persuasion abilities to support marketing team members, develop marketing programs, and set and meet the KPIs.


  • Developing marketing strategies and plans to achieve marketing targets and business objectives. This includes identifying target markets, analyzing customer needs, and determining the most effective marketing approaches.
  • Generating leads through various channels such as cold calling, email marketing, social media, networking events, and referrals. Conducting research to identify potential clients and initiating contact to explore marketing opportunities.
  • Delivering persuasive marketing presentations and product demonstrations to potential clients. Effectively communicating the value proposition, features, and benefits of the product or service to generate interest and close deals.
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with customers to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. This involves regular communication, understanding customer needs, addressing concerns, and providing ongoing support.
  • Negotiating pricing, terms, and contracts with potential clients to reach mutually beneficial agreements. Employing marketing techniques and tactics to overcome objections and handle negotiations.
  • Conducting market research and analyzing market trends, competition, and customer preferences. Gathering insights to identify opportunities, develop marketing strategies, and refine sales approaches.
  • Collaborating with the marketing team to develop and execute marketing campaigns and promotions. This includes creating compelling messaging, selecting appropriate marketing channels, and tracking campaign performance.
  • Utilizing CRM systems to manage customer information, track sales activities, and monitor the sales pipeline. Updating and maintaining accurate and comprehensive customer records.


  • Experience in marketing digital products & services (1 Year)
  • Fluent in Arabic and English writing and speaking
  • Skilled in Math and Computers
  • Strong communication and presentation skills


  • Competitive salary
  • All of the hardware and software will be provided for you
  • Work-Life balance
  • Fun and fair work culture