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Outlier Proprietary Trader Wanted

About the role:

Successful candidates will have a natural talent for perceiving edge and an obsession with spotting trading opportunities before the competition.

The expectations of you will be high. Your edge will include your work rate, obsession with trading and finding value, an international ecosystem of expert mentoring and support and domain-specific expertise, advanced technology, and twenty-year proven IP, enabling you to excel in this demanding role.

You will be responsible for optimising and advancing the application of our existing trading strategies and identifying, executing and evolving new strategies for the company.

Ideally, you will have at least two years of trading experience and an advanced university degree. Those with experience in high-level gaming, wagering, poker or an interest in game theory are encouraged to apply.

If you would be highly motivated in a meritocratic environment, where capitalising on impressive work rates and collective intelligence surpasses titles, ego, and hierarchy, then we look forward to hearing from you.

As a proprietary trader with Edge Stackers, you will work collaboratively within an environment packed with driven, smart, quality individuals from diverse backgrounds, such as econometrics, mathematical finance, actuarial science, aerospace and aeronautical engineering, and astrophysics.

There is no better time to join our organisation's global expansion. Apply now.

Weekend work, loyalty and humility are non-negotiable requirements.

About Edge Stackers:

We are a private company, entirely funded by in-house capital, and operate in a high-trust team environment. Decisions are made fast with a flat organisational hierarchy and no unnecessary bureaucracy. Effectiveness is what matters rather than searching for the most elegant solution.

Our founding partners have a proven track record in generating consistent and significant outlier trading returns and achieving scale through identifying and developing world-class talent.