Job Openings Proprietary Trader

About the job Proprietary Trader

99.9% Need Not Apply.
Outlier Discretionary Trader Required.

Our search for outlier traders is perpetual as we meticulously scale.

You would be a valued member of the team providing meaningful contribution to the company strategy.

The expectations on you would be high. You would have the advantage of an international eco-system of expert mentoring and support, deep domain intelligence, advanced technology, and resources that would enable you to excel in this fast-paced, dynamic role.

It is expected that you would be a strong performer, with enduring concentration and a resilient threshold to pressure.

You would consistently demonstrate fast and accurate data entry skills and have comfort with numbers.

Coding experience is advantageous to this role.

2+ years of Trading experience, with a minimum Bachelors Degree Qualification in Finance, Mathematics or equivalent.

Those with experience in high-level gaming or poker are encouraged to apply.

Weekend work, loyalty and humility are non-negotiable requirements.

If you would be highly motivated in a meritocratic environment, where capitalising on impressive work rates and collective intelligence surpasses titles, ego, and hierarchy, then we look forward to hearing from you.

There is no better time to join our expansion and share in the spoils of superior performance, alongside the psychological safety of a 20-year old proven and profitable track record.