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Quantitative Analyst - 99.9% Need Not Apply

Our team of outliers are high-speed problem solvers, humble, loyal and have a relentless hunger to improve. Relishing the challenge of attacking projects few can successfully complete, our team are rewarded with superior compensation, autonomy, long-term growth opportunities and the freedom to shape their role to how they perform best.

We are searching for an ambitious and competitive quantitative analyst, with a passion for high-level, predictive modelling.

Your challenge will be to uncover innovative modelling solutions that enable our team to capitalise on opportunities ahead of our competitors. We are extremely fast paced; the faster we iterate, the faster we can innovate.

The expectations on you will be high. You will have the advantage of an international eco-system of expert mentoring and support, deep domain intelligence, advanced technology, and resources that will enable you to excel in your craft.

You will be a valued member of our team, providing meaningful contribution to the company strategy. You will work autonomously and collaboratively with our tight knit data and trading specialists.

There is no better time to join our expansion and share in the spoils of superior performance, alongside the psychological safety of a 20-year proven and profitable track record.