Dir, Software Development

 Job Description:

Background and Description

You are on the front lines of Big Vision's web and software development initiatives. As part of the Big Vision development team, you work to lead high-impact solutions for your clients, collaborating with teams throughout Big Vision. For every initiative, you'll work closely with Product Directors to ensure that we're delivering high quality platforms and products to our Clients.

This role works closely with the development team providing leadership, management, and technical vision, while also contributing actively in web and software development. You will contribute technical insights to broader strategies as we work together to take on our client's toughest challenges.

What You'll Be Doing

Lead, mentor, and grow a team.

  • Provide mentorship and guidance to your team of developers, ensuring that each is on a growth roadmap of continual learning and development of their abilities.
  • Hold your development team accountable to completion of sprints and consistent velocity of contribution to a product.
  • Optimize team performance and enhance team processes.
  • Own the quality of the team's work product and lead improvement through code reviews.
  • Recruit and retain quality developers to the team based on project and client needs.
  • Conduct regular code reviews to ensure high-quality product is being delivered to clients and to provide growth and learning for your team.
  • Lead the team in establishing and achieving performance and optimization benchmarks across various projects.

Lead projects from concept to delivery.

  • Participate in client workshops to gain an understanding of needs, requirements, and goals of a product.
  • Assist in creating the plan for the development team's execution of various products.
  • Provide technical insight to the UI/UX design process to ensure alignment of the designs to the product's technical requirements.
  • Understand and support an agile approach for breaking down a product into discernible milestones, epics, and stories and setting time estimates for the assigned developers to complete each.
  • Determine the key technologies and architectures to be implemented for each product, ensuring success and scalability based on client needs.
  • Manage testing, deployment, and quality control processes to ensure delivery of high-quality work.
  • Develop, implement, and manage necessary DevOps standards across products.

Actively contribute to projects.

  • Contribute productive work towards various products as needed.
  • Uphold a high standard of code quality that can set an example for the team
  • Support your team by actively assisting in solving complex product challenges.

Who We're Looking For

  • A high-level software development professional with a background of handling a broad range of digital products and software solutions.
  • A leader with strong conversational and presentational skills with both clients and team members
  • Demonstrated knowledge in DevOps, handling CI/CD pipelines, and data architecture.
  • A demonstrated depth of knowledge within the MERN stack.
  • A professional that possesses the ability and experience to play a primary, leadership role in client work. Someone who will take ownership and responsibility for their work, their team's work, Big Vision's operational success, and the complete client experience.
  • A highly organized individual who is confident in managing product development expectations and demands.
  • A team player whos willing to put in the effort and attitude needed to help the team succeed.
  • A quick learner willing to adapt to new and existing processes.
  • A proactive person who is constantly looking for opportunities to improve themselves and the processes around them.
  • Ability to simultaneously tackle multiple clients and challenges.
  • Ability to manage a hybrid remote and in-office team with the flexibility to adapt your schedule to meet client needs.
  • Senior Level: 8-10+ years of professional experience.

How to Stand Out

  • Native mobile software development experience
  • Proficiency in advanced front-end technologies like WebGL
  • Experience in an agency environment working on multiple products for multiple clients
  • Experience leading product and custom platform development at scale

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