Agile Software Delivery Manager

 Job Description:

Job Summary

The Agile Software Delivery Manager will coordinate, execute, and drive the timely delivery of software solutions projects. Supports both Waterfall and Scrum methodology and manages multiple projects that make up large-scale web and mobile products for GFR Media. This role will be responsible for the successful delivery of multiple software releases for a portfolio of solutions that will be key to the organizations digital strategy. 

Primary Responsibilities 

- Responsible for the leading the team to establish project priorities and overall program requirements through key stakeholders.
- Align project deliverables to one or more Software Releases/s.
- Lead the project teams in the division of the work to establish manageable tasks with the objective to finish the project with the cost and completion date as agreed.
- Develop the baseline project plan/ charter and schedule/incorporate multiple project plans into one overall project plan against which the impact of potential scope changes on schedule, budget, and performance requirements is evaluated.
- Create a program schedule that incorporates overall project schedules including deliverables and resources required within the scope of the project.
- Evaluate the reasonableness of the schedule, ensure that work is accomplished, validate those resources are used as planned, and update the schedule as the project progresses.
- Develop and execute a communication plan, including format and content of communication (e.g., meeting, presentation, email, etc.), audiences (e.g., execs, sponsor/champion, team members, other stakeholders, etc.), schedule/periodicity for optimum effectiveness.
- Create project status reports and metrics in the best and effective way.
- Ability to focus the message on exceptions, decisions/input sought, and health of project and deliverables.
- Accountable for mentoring and coaching on the elements of project execution as well as establishing and implementing standards, processes, and procedures, facilitating meetings, and working with product owner(s) to make sure product backlog is in good shape and ready for the next iteration.