San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico

GIS Network Specialist

 Job Description:

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What's the role?

As a GIS Network Specialist, you'll be responsible for performing general maintenance related to network devices and services under the direct supervision of the IP Core & Business Manager. The person in this role applies knowledge of network technologies to help design, install, and handle networks, test and evaluate network systems to eliminate problems, make improvements, and maintain security and network configurations.

How can you add value?

  • Provide technical support for configuring and monitoring Optical and Layer 3 networks, including the Core Edge, 3rd Party Interconnect relations, Liberty facilities interconnection, Head End Network, and Corporate Network.
  • Perform technical QC (audio and video) during ingest and audit quality assurance of video spots live within our ad insertion networks to ensure they meet audio balancing rules. If necessary, advise Head End when technical problem fixing is needed.
  • Offer assistance in deploying and resolving IP solutions, encompassing both commercial and residential voice, video, and Internet services; additionally, deliver configuration, support, and management services for Fiber-based solutions such as Fiber-on-Demand and GPON platforms.
  • Accountable for addressing network and service-blocking issues reported by the NOC and other teams and offering assistance to resolve outstanding IP network-related tickets and issues.
  • Conduct regular testing and analysis of all network facilities, encompassing power, software, communication devices, lines, modems, and terminals; offer comprehensive support and technical expertise in the operation of IP routers, switches, Ethernet, and optical transport networks.
  • Compile records and reports concerning network operations and maintenance.
  • Fix network performance issues. Analyze network traffic and provide quantity planning solutions. Collaborate with vendor support service groups to ensure accurate blocking issues during outages or periods of degraded system performance.
  • Research and recommend testing, installation, and support of network communications, including LAN/MAN/WAN systems.
  • Use software and hardware tools to identify and diagnose intricate network performance issues, address network system problems as needed, and implement enhancements to optimize the network.
  • Assist in server hardware, software, and connectivity setup.
  • Coordinate WAN/LAN issues and assist contractors, NOC, and other groups when appropriate.
  • Recommend upgrades, patches, and new applications and equipment.
  • Research and keep abreast of developments in networking technology.
  • Provision, document, and configure Ethernet Virtual Private Lines (EVPL), point-to-point Configurations, and GigE Aggregations ports for end customers and Carriers with their corresponding delivery methods (GPON, Media Converters, and Optical Transceivers).
  • Work with Business Tech Support, Business Sales Engineer, and Business Fiber Techs in designing and implementing network solutions for business customers, enterprises, and Wholesale (Carriers).
  • Responsible for keeping inventory of fiber circuits up to date in the Monitoring System (SolarWinds) for NOC to fix and track performance.
  • Firsthand support in troubleshooting service interruptions and communication issues of Business Advanced Services, including Dedicated Internet Access, Transport Services, and Voice Communications (SIP and PRI-ISDN) services.
  • Engage with customers in tests and fixing to resolve service interruption issues.
  • Work with Business Tech Support to complete RFC 2544 tests for service acceptance.
  • Recommend equipment and parts related to switching and routing of Business Core Ring.
  • Test and certify new equipment and CPE to deliver advanced services to customers.
  • Demonstrate compliance with the Customer First Philosophy and all Liberty Latin Americas policies and procedures, including the Code of Conduct and Liberty safety standards and procedures.
  • Other functions may be assigned.

What do you need?

Education and/or experience:

  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience in MIS, IS, or a related field.
  • 2 - 5 years of network-related IS experience.

Other Qualifications:

  • Fully Bilingual (Spanish & English).
  • Solid understanding of database concepts and working knowledge of MySQL.
  • Knowledge and experience with layer 3 routing protocols - OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, and modeling tools.
  • Specific knowledge of Cisco and Juniper routers and their configurations is a plus.
  • Confirmed written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrable ability to handle various tasks/projects.
  • Proficient with different vendor equipment and technologies.
  Required Skills:

Modeling Routing Philosophy Connectivity Entertainment Search Assurance Provision Spanish Routers Video Switches Quality Assurance Networking Contractors Technical Support Troubleshooting Security MySQL Records Education Research Software Testing Planning Maintenance Design Business English Communication Sales Management