Job Openings z/OS Systems Administrator

About the job z/OS Systems Administrator

Looking for a Senior Systems Programmer/Administrator to lead and coordinate operations and provide day-to-day support, maintenance, and monitoring of Mainframe, z/Enterprise system and Business applications and related infrastructure.


  • Responsible for installing and maintaining software, monitoring performance, tuning system, maintaining backups, implementing security, developing and implementing storage strategies, and troubleshooting, resolves problems and works with other teams to ensure 24x7x365 mission-critical applications availability, reliability and performance.

Required Experience/Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree with five (5) years programming support experience minimum
  • 3 years’ experience installing IBM, CA, and OEM products on z/OS and MVS operation systems and experience with IBM utilities
  • Comprehensive knowledge of z/Enterprise server technology, software technology, systems analysis, research techniques, systems development standards and quality and cost controls.
  • Knowledge of managing centralized and distributed architectures.
  • Strong USS application and architecture knowledge.
  • Advanced knowledge of components of z/OS operating system (MVS), CIS/TS, TSO, JES2, WL and interaction.
  • Diverse knowledge of multiple products including: IBM System software including; SMPE, HCD/IOD, JES2, VTAM, TCP/IP, TSO/ISPF, DFSOT, CICS/TS, SDSF, MF, WLM< OMEGAMON, WebSphere MQ, Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT)
  • OEM system software including: CA-Common Services, RIM, CA-ENF, CA-IDMS, CA-ACF2, CA-7, CA-11, CA-PANVALET, CA-TPX, CA-MVS/OPS, CA-DOCCI, CA-1, CA-MIM, CA-Easytreive Plus, CA-JARS, Focus, FDR/ABR, ViewDirect/Document Direct, VPS, JSF, DIF, Quickref, Jobscan, Code-1 Plus, MailStream Plus MSP, EMC TIMEFINDER MIROR/SNAP/CLONE.
  • Experience performing special database backups, restore and refresh using FDR/ABR software.
  • Strong communication, analytical, and organizational skills.
  • Able to install and integrate third-party software.
  • Able to document troubleshoot problems and communicate with business and technical personnel at all levels.
  • Able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.