Job Openings Part-Time Controller Assistant

About the job Part-Time Controller Assistant

Part - time controller

Seeking a Part Time Financial Controller to work 20hours per week . Candidates will be required to be experienced and qualified with the below :


  1. Identification of Quickpay / Zelle Payments:

    • Identify and track which tenants' Quickpay / Zelle payments are associated.
    • Maintain detailed control logs for accurate record-keeping.
  2. Cash Collections Management:

    • Maintain a consolidated control log of cash collections.
    • Collaborate with bookkeepers to ensure accurate recording of cash collections in QuickBooks.
  3. Debt Service Management:

    • Keep a schedule of debt service payments and due dates.
    • Assist in prioritizing and transferring funds for debt service payments.
  4. Cash Management and Payment Prioritization:

    • Assist in cash management by prioritizing payments, including debt service, credit card reimbursements, expense reimbursements, vendor payments, and internal fees.
  5. Cash Reconciliation:

    • Regularly reconcile cash operating accounts to ensure the ledger accurately reflects available cash for managing disbursements.
  6. Disbursement Review:

    • Review the general ledger coding of disbursements to ensure accuracy.
  7. Financial Statement Preparation:

    • Consolidate data from various entities to prepare annual financial statements.
    • Work with the team to ensure accuracy, building on past collaboration experiences.
  8. Expense Allocation:

    • Record the allocation of shared or grouped expenses to specific properties.
  9. Tenant Transactions in QuickBooks:

    • Process Tenant Move-Ins, Tenant Move-Outs, and Lease Renewals in QuickBooks.
    • Update relevant logs for Owners and Managers Books accordingly.
  10. Information Requests Handling:

    • Respond to information requests from tax preparers, lenders, RE Tax appeal advisors, and other relevant parties.
  11. Asset Management:

    • Communicate changes in fixed and deferred assets to tax preparers.
    • Reconcile depreciation schedules received to the ledger and record current year adjustments.
  12. Team Supervision:

    • Supervise the bookkeeping team to ensure accurate and timely financial record-keeping.
  13. Real Estate Tax Compliance:

    • Ensure all RE tax bills for properties are downloaded and accurately recorded.
    • Insure the accrual for taxes is properly reflected in financial records.
  14. Period Closure:

    • Lock the accounting period in each company once financial statements are issued to prevent changes to prior periods.


  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or related field.
  • Proven experience in a similar role, preferably in real estate accounting.
  • Strong knowledge of QuickBooks and financial software.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Ability to lead and manage a team effectively.