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Our Client is seeking a results-driven and motivated Amazon PPC Expert to join our high-performing team. If you are passionate about PPC advertising and have a proven track record in managing large volumes of products with a strong work ethic, this is an excellent opportunity to take ownership of ad outcomes and be part of a team with substantial growth potential.


  • New Product Launch: Take charge of keyword harvesting, competitor analysis, and create well-structured campaigns for successful product launches.
  • Keyword and Campaign Management: Continuously optimize keywords, employ negative and match types, and design effective campaign structures.
  • Budget and Pacing: Manage budgets and implement pacing strategies for optimal ROI.
  • Optimizations: Improve keyword performance and optimize bids for better ad placements and ACOS.
  • Performance Reporting: Analyze metrics, monitor share of voice, and provide data-driven recommendations.
  • Trends and Research: Stay updated on ad trends, conduct strategic research for growth opportunities.
  • Collaboration: Communicate and align with SKU Managers for successful campaign strategies and error reporting.


  • Proven track record in managing and optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns for a large volume of products.
  • Strong work ethic and dedication to achieving outstanding results.
  • Ability to take ownership of ad outcomes and drive performance improvements.
  • Extensive knowledge of Amazon advertising platforms and algorithms.
  • Analytical mindset and proficiency in data interpretation.
  • Excellent communication skills and collaborative spirit.


  • Amazon Advertising: 3 years (Required) (5 years preferred)
  • E-commerce: 3 years (Required)
Full time US working hours