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About the job PT Controller

Accounts Officer Controller (Part-Time)

A rapidly growing company is seeking a part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Controller to oversee and manage all financial systems and processes related to payments and billing. This remote position requires approximately 25-35 hours of work per month. The CFO Controller will play a crucial role in ensuring accurate accounting, financial reporting, and analysis, contributing to the company's financial success.


  1. Set up and maintain systems: Establish robust systems to ensure accurate and efficient processing of payments, invoices, salaries, deductions, and other financial transactions.
  2. Oversight and review: Supervise and review the work of the bookkeeper and invoices, ensuring accuracy and adherence to established processes and policies.
  3. Financial reporting: Prepare regular financial reports, including profit and loss statements, financial analysis, and projections, to provide insights into the company's financial performance.
  4. Compliance: Ensure compliance with relevant financial regulations and laws, including tax requirements and reporting obligations.
  5. Process improvement: Identify opportunities for process optimization and implement improvements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of financial operations.
  6. Strategic guidance: Collaborate with the executive team to provide financial insights and guidance for strategic decision-making.


  1. Experience: Previous experience in a similar role, ideally setting up financial systems and processes in a small or medium-sized company.
  2. Expertise: Strong knowledge of accounting principles, financial analysis, and reporting.
  3. Detail-oriented: Meticulous attention to detail, with the ability to spot discrepancies and ensure accuracy in financial records.
  4. Analytical skills: Proficient in analyzing financial data, identifying trends, and providing actionable recommendations.
  5. Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication skills to effectively collaborate with team members and present financial information.
  6. Remote work: Self-motivated and disciplined to work effectively in a remote work environment.
  7. Time management: Ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines, ensuring timely completion of financial deliverables.

The company offers competitive compensation based on experience and the flexibility of remote work. This is an exciting opportunity for a skilled CFO Controller to contribute to the financial success of a rapidly growing company on a part-time basis.