Job Openings Full Time Bookkeeper (Quickbooks)

About the job Full Time Bookkeeper (Quickbooks)

Full-Time Bookkeeper with Flexible Hours US/SA hours

We are currently seeking a dedicated Full-Time Bookkeeper to join our team. This position offers flexible working hours, allowing you to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Some evening availability is required for overlapping purposes. The ideal candidate will bring expertise in QuickBooks and possess comprehensive knowledge of payables, receivables, payroll, and invoicing processes.

As a Bookkeeper, you will be responsible for multitasking and meeting deadlines with precision. Effective communication skills are essential, as you'll need to follow up with clients and vendors via phone and email regarding invoice and payroll inquiries.

If you're someone who excels in creating streamlined processes and systems, utilizing technology within the department will be considered a significant advantage. We value innovation and the ability to leverage technology to enhance efficiency.

If you're a proactive individual who thrives on organization and has a track record of meeting financial responsibilities while fostering clear communication, we invite you to apply. Join our team and contribute to the success of our financial operations, while enjoying the benefits of flexible working hours.