Job Openings Male/Female Operator (Arabic speaking)

About the job Male/Female Operator (Arabic speaking)

Oversee the day-to-day operations of the accommodation management system application, including user management, data entry, and system maintenance.

Coordinate with academy staff, instructors, and students to ensure accurate and up-to-date information in the system.

Assist users in utilizing the accommodation management system effectively, providing technical support and troubleshooting as needed.

Manage room assignments, occupancy status, and scheduling of accommodation facilities using the application.

Ensure the proper allocation of resources, such as bedding, furniture, and amenities, based on occupancy and user requirements.

Maintain an accurate inventory of accommodation supplies, coordinating with relevant departments for timely replenishment and procurement.

Collaborate with maintenance, and other relevant departments to address any technical, maintenance, and cleaning issues related to the academy and escalate problems, if necessary.

Generate regular reports and statistics on accommodation occupancy, maintenance requests, and cleaning requests for management review.

Coordinate with maintenance personnel to schedule and track repairs, renovations, and preventive maintenance tasks in the accommodation facilities.