Job Openings Administrator/Coordinator - (Emirati Nationals only)

About the job Administrator/Coordinator - (Emirati Nationals only)

Main Responsibilities

  1. Efficient leave planning of the Operatives and Supervisors and ensuring the availability of replacements on time. Creating and Maintaining of leave plans for one year and getting it approved by Division Heads, communicating this to the operatives, Area Managers and Senior Supervisors.
  2. Maintaining and updating the daily work schedules of all the Operatives, Supervisors and Drivers and Cross verifying it with the time Attendance records. Report these schedules to the Division Heads and the Operatives, Area Managers and Senior Supervisors in case of any changes.
  3. Arranging Replacements for Sick leave in coordination with Supervisors and Area Managers.
  4. Updating, monitoring and correcting the attendance records and get it approved by Division Heads.
  5. Coordinating the resignations and organizing adequate replacements in time incl. Submission of Manpower Request Form etc.
  6. Assisting the process of visa renewals every month and coordinating with the staff for their signatures.
  7. Coordinating with the sites, Area Managers and Supervisors for correct and in time supply of materials, equipment and machinery.
  8. Provide administrative support to operations manager and HoD.
  9. Meet the Driver once per month and prepare Meeting Minutes for the same.
  10. Maintaining records of all cash/cheque/credit card receivables and ensuring proper control and coordinating with Finance Department for handover.
  11. Managing all other related jobs to this position which includes, settlements, petty cash, passport control, sick leave applications, vacation applications etc.
  12. Maintaining and reporting of staffing overview.

Assist in preparing Monthly Reports for the Division Manager which includes monthly statistic of absenteeism, sick leaves etc.