Job Openings Technology and System Integration Controller

About the job Technology and System Integration Controller

The primary role of the Technology and System Integration Controller is to act as the main person for all Software that is Biometric, HRMS, Sage, Salesforce, CAFM, HITEK Apps, Power BI, and E-procurement. He/she should ensure all projects follow standardized processes, benchmarks, and dashboard provisions for managers, staff tracking, etc. Data Analysis, Roll of digitalization of all projects and Services, Mobilization set up for CAFM, further development on processes and updates on techs, etc. Productivity measurement.

  • Write and develop processes and wireframes for processes of CAFM, HITEK, Flexi Guest and implement and develop across projects through project managers and admins for Security, Cleaning, and Hospitality.
  • Develop automatic reporting for all contract requirements by digitalizing the current manual process and eliminating administrative efforts.
  • Automate all processes for all functions in operations through existing software’s such as HRMS, E-Procurement, monthly reporting, CAFM etc.
  • Research new tech trends and applications and present them to management and HITEK team for development.
  • Administer the everyday workflow of all implementation processes and provide technical support to all associates.
  • Coordinate with team to resolve all issues within the required timeframe and recommend appropriate changes to all policies and procedures and evaluate all implementation for the team.
  • Monitor all implementation requests and administer staff working and assist team and senior implementation managers and provide required coaching for same.
  • Evaluate all management information reports and ensure achievement of all team objectives and provide support to the senior implementation manager.
  • Evaluate all processes and provide technical support to all senior implementation managers and establish all client configuration requirements.
  • Collaborate with system integration team and ensure compliance to all client requirements and provide appropriate training to clients and ensure efficient implementation of all systems.
  • Develop all processes and tools for customer implementation lifecycle and identify all defects and provide an efficient interface with all marketing and technical departments.
  • Maintain all project plans and ensure compliance with the timeframe and collaborate with stakeholders for all implementation processes
  • Maintain continuous knowledge transfer based on the existing system and industry best practices.
  • Manage day-to-day activities in Salesforce and demonstrate all required reports for the sales forecast Vs. Target and achievements
  • Develop productivity measurements for Security, Hospitality, and Cleaning Services including operational software such as CAFM, etc.
  • Lead the change management for processes across all BU’s and control that all departments are following it.