Job Openings Sewage Specialist

About the job Sewage Specialist

Key Responsibilities and Task:

  1. Operates and maintains wastewater treatment plants, sludge processing, and handling equipment.
  2. Tends pumps, conveyors, blowers, chlorinators, vacuum filters, and other equipment used to treat wastewater.
  3. Collects samples and makes routine chemical analyses of wastewater at various points in the plant process for the key parameters.
  4. Usage and optimization of chemicals as per process requirement.
  5. Monitor equipment, process control adjustments. Observe variations in operating conditions.
  6. Skims grease, pumps sludge, and transfers sludge from sludge tanks to drying beds.
  7. Monitors control panels and adjusts valves and gates manually or by remote control to regulate the flow of wastewater through settling, aeration, and sludge digestion processes.
  8. Reads and interprets charts, flow meters, and other gauges to determine operating efficiency of equipment.
  9. To prepare Daily/Weekly/Monthly/ Annually reports
  10. Ensure smooth plant operation during shift in accordance with standard operating procedure
  11. NOTE: The job duties listed are typical examples of the work performed by positions in this job classification. Not all duties assigned to every position are included, nor is it expected that all positions will be assigned every duty.
  12. Lubricates pumps, valves, and other rotating equipment, repairs parts where necessary.
  13. Prepares the chemicals required for the testing of wastewater.
  14. Maintains the surrounding grounds.
  15. Maintains logs, records, and reports relative to the work.
  16. May assist in training lower-level workers.
  17. Performs related work as assigned
  18. 18. To comply with all applicable legal and QHSE requirements /procedures