Job Openings Lady Security Guard (Arabic speaking, PSBD licensed)

About the job Lady Security Guard (Arabic speaking, PSBD licensed)

  1. Be vigilant at all times and assume responsibility for the premises under your control.
  2. Ensure that daily routine and functions at customer's premises proceed without any interruption
  3. Adhere to all instruction mentioned in the 'Assignment Instructions' post wise.
  4. Greet visitors, provide assistance and guide them to requested area or person or reception.
  5. Ensure safety and security of customers premises at all items and brings any suspicious activities and observations to customer's attention.
  6. Prevent access of unauthorized personnel into customer's premises.
  7. Maintain logs as per site requirements which may include but not limited to Daily log, patrolling records, NSI book (PSBD licensed guards), visitor and vehicle logs, incident register, movement of material, key issue and return log etc.
  8. In case of emergency (Fire, theft or any other emergency) take immediate action as per site emergency plan, and notify to immediate supervisor, customer's representative, inform to emergency service, Farnek operations team and SIRA / PSBD Control room.
  9. Prepare and maintain all incidents reports, and forward to all concerned team members.
  10. Regularly check and ensure maintenance and operation of the fire alarm panel, fire extinguisher and first aid kits.
  11. Ensure that company property assigned to you mobile telephone, landline, 2 way radios, detectors, vests, helmet, safety equipment, security systems, vehicles etc. is used responsibly for work requirements only and kept well maintained at all times.
  12. Ensure that if any complaint raised by customer, report immediate supervisor for appropriate action taken to ensure customer satisfaction and keep all complaints records properly.
  13. All security officers are expected to show good judgment and common sense, follow directions and instructions from supervisors and follow regulations and guidelines PSBD/ SIRA.
  14. Ensure that fully acquainted with post instructions and site procedure of place/ premises /area of deployment to perform strict compliance.
  15. Security officers should have a professional appearance and attitude and take charge in case emergencies or other dangerous situations as per site emergency plan.
  16. Ensure that clean and neat uniform and display your identity card and PSBD/ SIRA license at all times.

Adherence to HSE and Quality Management System procedures and its performance