Job Openings Energy Engineer

About the job Energy Engineer


Analyzing energy usage of the building, picking up over consumptions, abnormal peak points to ensure energy efficient operation of the building.

Continuous improvement of energy saving operation by developing, coordinating, implementing projects to reduce energy consumption.

Maintaining the energy accounting and reporting system with energy reports including daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports, and others as per the clients request in timely manner.

Support other operational aspects to reach common goals not only in focus of energy saving but respecting the comfort of the occupants also.

To adhere to the IMS of Farnek and Client HSE requirements

Management & Operational

Develop and implement energy saving goals and objects.

Continually review the procedures and workflows for continues improvements.

Maintain and improve good documentation management practice to ensure the energy management activities.

Improve the customer satisfaction by developing a good relationship with client.

Develop projects which result significant gain for both client and managing agent.

Ensure building is operated in best possible energy efficient way.


Authorized to liaise with trade operations team department heads for day-to-day operations.

Authorised to liaise with client management & technical teams for implementing energy saving solutions.

Authorised to propose & strictly implement approved energy saving methodologies.

Authorised to send daily energy management reports to client.

Authorised to control, monitor and liaise with any specialist subcontractors engaged in the contractual service delivery related to energy management.