Job Openings Sewage Treatment Plant Engineer

About the job Sewage Treatment Plant Engineer

Assessing the STPs conditions and suggesting required upgrades to the management.

Manage the plant for operation, receive and communicate special instruction for operations such as shutdown, new schedules, start and stop and pressure build up etc.

Reviewing and implementing contingency plans as and when required.

Supervise major reactive maintenance works, replacements and projects progress for STPs and related infrastructure.

  1. Reporting any issues related to STPs to the lead management
  2. Preparing Variation & Work orders related to O & M Contracts.
  3. Coordination with Operations team on the TSE consumptions and other issues related to sewage.
  4. Performs special projects and miscellaneous duties as assigned Work closely with HSSE department to ensure all Health & Safety standards are maintained by the Service Provider of the STPs
  5. Ensure efficiency output performance from the operations of STPs in terms of flow and quality of TSE produced.
  6. Trouble shooting and increasing the performance of Waste treatment equipment.
  7. Implementation of management systems related to sustainability in the STPs
  8. Propose and implement technical solutions for odour minimization and attend to complaints by performing required inspections and eliminating root cause.
  9. Supervise the Contractors performance in accordance with the KPIs set in the Contract if applicable.
  10. Arranging meeting with Contractor on a regular basis to understand the challenges and resolving the same if applicable.
  11. Ensure that Contractor has all necessary permit to always perform the services if applicable.
  12. Reviewing the PPM & RM schedule submitted by the Contractor if applicable.
  13. Reviewing weekly, monthly & Annual reports by the Contractors and evaluating their performance and performance of STPs if applicable.

Health and Safety

  1. Be aware of safety standards related to area of responsibility and guarantee that proper safety standards are in place and are adhered to. Ensure all work is carried out in a safe manner and stop any person working in an unsafe manner.
  2. Comply at all times with health and safety to ensure the display of notices, first aid and accident reporting, compliance with ISO Standards and any associated KPIs.
  3. Comply with policies on Quality, Health & Safety, associated safe working procedures and guideline and other statutory legislation

Ensure that the standards required by Law and by Management are maintained at all times in the areas specified above.