Job Openings Smelter Operation Readiness - Shift Engineer

About the job Smelter Operation Readiness - Shift Engineer

The purpose of this position: 
This position will provide technical support the Shift Superintendent in monitor all area on shift basis. Shift Engineer will coordinate with various area operations team to monitor and ensure optimized technical coordination, ample resources available to support each area, and safe execution of tasks. Areas to be covered include Raw Materials Handling, Hot Metals, Acid Plant, Utilities, Electro-refinery, and Slag Concentrator, as well as auxiliary equipment. The position workload is determined by conditions at the plant, throughput, and seasonal maintenance activities. All work is required to be performed in a safe, efficient, environmentally acceptable manner. The shift engineer is the primarily responsible individual for the accurate recording of plant performance in the operations logbook. In collaboration with other technical staff, Shift Engineer is responsible for providing operational improvement opportunities between various area interfaces including interface with contractors, utility providers (oxygen plant, power, natural gas, wharf operations, and others).

The key duties and responsibilities of this position:

  1. Monitor and analyze various plant parameters to ensure systems are operated in a safe, efficient, and economical manner and in compliance with environment regulation.
  2. Establish and maintain effectiveness working relationships with all levels.
  3. Draft/consolidate shift reports that covers all plant production area.
  4. Participate and contribute in pre-shift meetings and daily production meetings.
  5. Monitor and analyze movement of materials throughout the plant to ensure clear and smooth process flow. Identify bottlenecks between processes and provide recommendations to Shift Superintendent/Management to solve them.
  6. Support the coordination of various resources available to ensure issues in various areas in the plant has ample resource to safely execute tasks or troubleshoot

The key challenges in this position:

  • Able to provide the accurate report with referring data Collected in a timely manner for the root cause analysis into Shift Superintendent
  • Ability prompt response and supporting any the trouble shoot and shall be immediately solved to prior continuity plant production.
  • Ability to demonstrate initiative and be able to work with little supervision. This position requires high initiative and a resourceful approach to solve problems

The background, education, and work experience needed to succeed in this job are:

Education, Certifications, and Experience:

  • Min. Diploma, bachelor's degree or above in technical field (Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical, Metallurgical Engineering) is preferable.
  • Good and Effective communication skills in both Indonesian and English languages, verbal and written
  • Having experience in operating specific heavy industrial equipment, commissioning new plan is preferable.
  • Having experience more than 4 years

Core Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Characters)
  • Ability to demonstrate mechanical aptitude of equipment and how to properly maintain plant equipment and systems.
  • Having knowledge of plant controls, tools, equipment and proper procedures to maintain the plan and the ability to monitor all the equipment and machinery in the Plant.
  • Ability to understand and execute written and oral instructions and relay those instructions to subordinate employees and other Shift Engineers on subsequent shifts.
  • Having sufficient physical strength, ability, dexterity, vision and hearing to perform all duties of this position.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors, other shift engineers and plant personnel
  • Having high aptitude in analyzing complex activities and their effectiveness, to always seek improvements to make the production process more efficient.
  • Ability to read and interpret all the various instruments in the plant and make equipment adjustments as required.
  • Ability to read and interpret the trends of various plan parameter.
  • Able to perform root cause analysis.
  • Ability to understand written and oral instructions and comply with directives.
  • Must be willing to work on a shift schedule.

The key areas that the incumbent has decision-making responsibility:

  • Ability in timely manner to analyze with the various instruments in the plant and make equipment adjustments parameter target as required with approval by respective departments.
  • Ability to determining, documented data report and checking report in the event of audit in plant production.
  • Recommendation to Shift Superintendent in such kind of any equipment plant production shall be put in/out service from normal operational with referred of analyzing data record.

Working Relationship
  • Shift Superintendent
  • Proces Engineer in respective department
  • Supervisor, Team Leader in respective department
  • NA


Dateline : 3 October 2023