Job Openings Smelter Operation Readiness - Shift Contractor Allocators

About the job Smelter Operation Readiness - Shift Contractor Allocators

The purpose of this position : 
The contractor allocator is responsible for managing the distribution of contract workforce and mobile equipment arrangement to support all plant production activities. Provide schedule of distribution for better and efficient utilization of resources. This position will ensure the availability of required equipment and workforce, report to Shift Superintendent in monitoring all activities of workforce as well as mobile equipment at appointed working area and is entitled in necessary adjustment to allocate it to other area as per the requirement of production activities i.e., at emergency situations.

The key duties and responsibilities of this position:

  • Support Shift Superintendent in scheduling manpower as well as mobile equipment required in daily plant production activities.
  • Conduct communication and coordination to all sub-contractors to ensure the availability of manpower as well as mobile equipment to support in daily activities.
  • Make report and accounting for logistic supply as necessary in reliability mobile equipment.
  • Support in controlling and monitoring effectiveness of manpower and mobile equipment to maintain plant production performance.

The key challenges in this position:

  • Balance / proper scheduling and distribution of manpower to avoid excessive workload.
  • Maintain the availability of required workforce and equipment.

The background, education, and work experience needed to succeed in this job are:

Education, Certifications, and Experience:

  • Min. Diploma, bachelor's degree or above in technical field (Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering) is preferable.
  • Min 4 years working experience.

Core Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Characters) :
  • Good communication skills in English (Active/Passive)
  • Having knowledge of operating mobile equipment is preferable.
  • Have an outgoing and communicative.
  • Good decision maker
  • Willing work in shift schedule

The key areas that the incumbent has decision-making responsibility:

  • Deployment of Manpower as well as mobile equipment in appropriate way and timely manner

Working Relationship
Internal: - Intern Department Operation and Maintenance
External: - Main Contractor PTFI in supporting in daily plant production


Dateline : 3 October 2023