Job Openings Operations Manager

About the job Operations Manager


To oversee the efficient and effective management of sales, operations and people to provide prospects and customers with excellent service balanced against an agreed sales and operational budget.

To design and implement office policies by establishing standards and procedures, measuring results against standards, and making necessary adjustments.


OPERATIONAL SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES | enable the smooth operation of the business

Logistics: Ensure the smooth receiving, storage and distribution of products.

Admin: Ensure that paper trails are efficient and completed without missing important steps that impact negatively on the customer experience, supplier success and accounts efficiency.

Sales: Ensure a sales system that manages leads and customer relationship is functional

Technical: Ensure project process, project standards and quality control is in place

OPTIMIZE SERVICE DELIVERY | ensure our customers receive our services and products on time and to their required specification:

  • Order tracking and on time delivery
  • Order completeness, quality and accuracy
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Route efficiency
  • Project tracking and on time completion


  • § Ensure proposals are costed accurately.
  • § Keep expenses at or below the operational budget.
  • § Continuously improve cost management


  • Implement new processes and programs to increase efficiency and overall value to the organization
  • Lead all efforts to make the workplace greener, minimize the Company's environmental impact, and achieve the Company's purpose targets
  • Understand the customers requirements and implement customer business growth strategies in conjunction with Company's delivery and support functions
  • Ensure that all sales deadlines are met.
  • Budget administration for operational excellence and overall productivity


  • Define KPIs, OKR and targets for each role. Document monthly actual vs plan and ensure constructive feedback is provided at least monthly or more frequently as required.
  • Define basic training and development plans for each staff member. Choose and budget for training providers as required. Track implementation and success.
  • Ensure job descriptions exist and are maintained for all roles
  • Use the job descriptions to brief agencies for recruitment assignments or use for internally managed recruitment. Ensure that shortlisted candidates meet the requirements of the capability section of the job description.
  • Manage and improve performance. In the instance of a staff members inability to improve, manage their transition to a new role or assist the individual to exit.


  • Ensure that staff members are equipped to perform.
  • Liaise with customers and suppliers to ensure satisfaction. Deal with outstanding issues and communicate challenges with the CEO as required.
  • Scan the commercial environment for new opportunities that improve the organizations efficiency and effectiveness. Report same to the CEO and discuss during a monthly business development session. Implement agreed improvements.



  • All job descriptions in place and current.
  • All staff have KPIs and targets. Monthly performance feedbacks are scheduled and outcomes documented.
  • All staff have training and development actions to be completed.
  • % Right People in Right Jobs calculated and a target set for improvement (if req.)
  • Reasons for recruiting new people are documented for future reference.
  • Preferred recruitment agencies and training providers identified and briefed with agreed fee schedules.


  • Organizational systems and processes are documented in large format brown paper flow (or as preferred) and agreed as current by all stakeholders.
  • Plans to improve same are in place


  • Interrogate the effectiveness of customer and supplier interfaces and define improvement plans for approval by the CEO.
  • Oversee project delivery functions including delivery and quality assurance, client delivery and relationship management.
  • Manage timely data collection to update operations metrics to achieve productivity targets, reduce cost per unit, eliminate errors and deliver excellent customer service as measured against our agreed Net Promoter Score (NPS) target.


  • Ensure sales process are documented
  • Set and manage sales team targets
  • Build and manage a sales system that incentivizes performance


  • Oversee operation of inventory management.
  • Take responsibility for procurement of products and services (including but not limited to, negotiating for advantageous terms, approving the ordering of necessary goods and services, and finalizing purchase details of orders and deliveries).


CUSTOMER SERVICE| Eliminate preventable operational customer complaints

REPUTATION| Achieve the targeted Net Promoter Score (NPS)

COST MANAGEMENT| Eliminate preventable operational customer complaints

SALES | Achieve the Sales Target

Level of Qualifications

Relevant Diploma | Degree | Certification: In Business Management or Operations


  •  >3 years in the B2B ICT sector
  • >5 years in operations
  •  >3 years in operations management
  •  Technical knowledge will be advantage
  •  IT qualification will be advantage


Operations Management skills

Operations Processes skills

Project Management skills

Escalations skills

Stock Management skills

Technical Management skills

Systems Process Management skills

General Reporting skills

Proposal Writing skills


  • People and performance management
  • Customer and supplier relations management
  • Communication and relationship management