Job Openings Wellbeing Counselor Lead

About the job Wellbeing Counselor Lead

Working Location: Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Job Description:
We are looking for a Wellbeing Counselor Lead for our office in Hanoi. This role will report directly to our Regional Wellbeing Manager and Senior Operations Manager.
You will play a pivotal role in supporting the emotional well-being and mental health of our employees. You will lead a team of mental health counselors, overseeing their activities, providing guidance, and implementing strategies to promote a positive and healthy work environment. Your expertise will contribute to maintaining a strong and resilient workforce, enhancing productivity, and fostering a culture of well-being within our gaming company.

Your responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

Leadership and Supervision:

  • Lead a team of mental health counselors, providing supervision, guidance, and support;
  • Conduct regular team meetings to discuss cases, share best practices, and ensure consistent service delivery;
  • Collaborate with HR and management to establish and implement mental health initiatives, policies, and programs.

Counseling and Support:

  • Provide individual and group counseling sessions to employees experiencing mental health challenges, stress, burnout, and other emotional issues;
  • Assess employee needs and develop personalized intervention plans, referring to specialized services when necessary;
  • Utilize evidence-based therapeutic approaches to facilitate emotional healing and personal growth.

Crisis Management:

  • Be the point of contact for urgent and crisis situations, offering immediate support and coordinating appropriate interventions;
  • Develop crisis response protocols and train the counseling team in handling high-stress scenarios.

Education and Training:

  • Conduct workshops, seminars, and training sessions to raise awareness about mental health, stress management, and well-being;
  • Equip employees and managers with tools to recognize signs of distress and provide appropriate support.


  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including HR, legal, and management, to ensure a comprehensive approach to employee well-being;
  • Foster relationships with external mental health professionals and resources to enhance support options.

Documentation and Reporting:

  • Maintain accurate and confidential records of counseling sessions, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and company policies;
  • Generate regular reports on counseling activities, outcomes, and trends, and provide recommendations for improvement;
  • Able to present statistical analysis reports.

Research and Development:

  • Stay updated with the latest developments in mental health, counseling techniques, and well-being programs;
  • Innovate and implement new strategies to continuously enhance the effectiveness of the mental health support program.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, or a related field;
  • At least 2 years of proven experience in providing mental health counseling and support;
  • Have management experience or skills in mental health projects;
  • Experienced counseling in a corporate or BPO environment is a plus;
  • Proficient in English;
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and team management skills;
  • Empathetic and non-judgmental approach to counseling;
  • Familiarity with privacy and confidentiality regulations related to mental health services;
  • Proficiency in utilizing relevant software and tools for documentation and communication.

Working time:

  • Able to work on weekend, night and overnight shifts as scheduled;
  • Working hours: 5 working shifts per week, 9 hours/ shift (1 hour unpaid meal break) scheduled by the company;
  • Able to work during Vietnams Public Holidays as requested.


1. Salary and Benefits

  • Attractive salary and benefits (Competitive Basic Salary, Lunch Allowance, Additional Bonus, Profit Sharing) and annual salary review;
  • Premium Healthcare and Mental Health Care service for you, 100% covered by the company;
  • Extra bonus per personal events (Wedding, Funeral, Hospitalization, Newborn baby) and a very cute baby box for staff who are going to welcome a new baby angel to the world;
  • Annual health check, annual flu vaccination;
  • Summer vacation (Paid days off and bonus);
  • Paid leave (12 days/year).

2. Working Environment

  • International, fun, and professional working environment: Working closely with both experienced Vietnamese and foreign experts;
  • Modern hardware, No dress code, Free drinks (coffee, tea, etc.);
  • Training and career development opportunities;
  • Free game room for everyone. We love board games, video games, PS5, ping pong, football tables, and VR games.

All interested candidates are welcome to apply. Please send your resume expressing your interest to us. Kindly note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by our HR team.