Job Openings Advania - Senior DevOps Team Lead

About the job Advania - Senior DevOps Team Lead

Experienced DevOps Team Leader & Programmer (Internetworking/Automation)

Advania wishes to hire an ambitious, experienced individual with a natural talent for solving problems and working as part of a team of programmers. If you wish to be employed in a lively workplace with world-class standards and work ethic you should consider this opportunity.

Job description:
Experienced programmer leading a team of DevOps engineers with a focus on various tasks such as interoperation between various systems and vendors, extracting sources of truth from multiple environments, planning data-storage for automation, productizing and integrating product workflows into automation at every possible level. Project management and resource planning resulting in technical solutions and designs for infrastructure, deployment and R&D requirements. 

Required skills
•Minimum 5 years experience in programming or equivalent job
•Extensive knowledge of GOLANG and PHP
•Extensive knowledge of scripting/programming/API and CI/CD pipelines
•Experience with database management (MySQL/PostgreSQL)
•Experience with Linux (CentOS, Red Hat)
•Project management & resource planning
•Excellent English spoken and written 

Desired skills:
•Interaction with APIs from multiple vendors (Cisco, VMWare, etc.)
•Cisco CCNP or equivalent experience
•Knowledge of SD-WAN routing platforms
•Knowledge of datacentre network designs (firewall, routers, etc.)
•Knowledge of Python/Ansible/Perl
•Excellent Icelandic spoken and written

Personal qualities:
•Passionfor technology
•DevOps culture and working methodology oriented person
•Open minded, highly motivated, interested in implementing new technologies/methodologies and continuous improving of existing tools/infrastructures
•Analytic skills, critical thinking, wide system vision &troubleshooting•Excellent communication skills (interpersonal and organization aspects)
•Leadership qualities &positiveteam spirit
•Self-sufficient, detail-oriented, and organized
•Ability to understand product systems integration
•Ability to understand business needs and customer demands

Advania is an international IT company with a wide range of hosting, operations, and software solutions. Advania is a family-friendly workplace with flexible work hours. Advania operates workplace ethical rules for equal rights with an active corporate environmental policy.