Job Openings Landsnet - Specialist in Infrastructure Operations

About the job Landsnet - Specialist in Infrastructure Operations

Geko is supporting Landsnet to find a talented Systems Operations Specialist to join their IT Team! 

Here is a brief description - but please do reach out to the team to gain further information. You will not be applying until we have talked to you and you are interested in being presented for the opportunity! Exciting times, so get in touch to find out more... 

We are looking for an experienced specialist with a high level of security awareness to handle exciting information technology projects in our combined IT team. 

Information technology plays an important role in Landsnet's operations and involves the responsibility for the operation of all basic infrastructure as well as technical security issues. 

The electricity transmission system in Iceland relies on the uptime and operational security of the computer systems, which is why it is a demanding and responsible job to tackle:
Port requirements
Landsnet's information technology systems
Monitoring of the performance and operational security of information networks
Communication with Landsnet's service providers 6 areas of information technology