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About the job Memento Payments - General Interest

About Memento:
We offer the next generation social payment platform for banks. We deliver the technology, expertise and support so that your bank can successfully launch it's own social payment ecosystem to the market in a matter of weeks. We believe that technology and regulation are coming of age in FinTech and it's do or die time for many financial institutions. The future belongs to those who understand and build relationships that surprise and delight and are intensely integrated into the consumer's social and day-to-day life. 

Having built our successful platform in Iceland, we have developed IP and knowledge as well as code and APIs around both the backend and the frontend of money sharing, events platforms, social networks and customers’ behaviour in mobile payments. We are now offering this knowledge and technology to banks interested in creating and maintaining a deep relationship with their consumer.

If you are interested in Memento- please send us your details by applying here, or reach out to one of the team and we can give you more information.