Job Openings Maintenance Tech

About the job Maintenance Tech

Gentis Solutions is seeking a Maintenance Tech to provide installation of new equipment and systems, preventative and corrective maintenance, on-call assistance, and internal process improvements. This is a full-time, direct-hire position with our client, a specialist in manufacturing Thermal Transfer ribbons and related services for variable information printing specialists. If you prioritize quality, performance, teamwork, and employee well-being, apply below.


  • Electrical or mechanical background, experienced in the maintenance of industrial equipment and exposure to PLC, robotics, CAD, and industrial networking
  • Ability to carry out instructions furnished in written or oral form; deal with problems involving several concrete variables
  • Ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide all units of measure; calculate formulas; draw and interpret graphs
  • Ability to read technical journals and reports, workplace rules and procedures; prepare business letters, summaries, and reports, using a prescribed format and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction and style; speak with poise and confidence, using correct English
  • Technology degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering
  • The ability to take personal responsibility and action toward learning and implementing new ideas, methods and technologies
    • Researches job related topics to improve understanding, expertise and personal performance; continually updates business skills; activity seeks suitable opportunities to implement newly acquired skills and knowledge; provides expertise, knowledge and information to others as required
  • The ability to readily modify, respond to and integrate change with minimal personal resistance
    • Adapts effectively to changing plans and priorities; demonstrates the capacity to handle multiple tasks at one time; deals comfortably with ambiguity; adjusts preset plans as necessary with minimal resistance
  • The ability to interact with others in a positive manner
    • Initiates and develops business relationships in positive ways; successfully works with a wide range of people at varying levels of organizations; communicates with others in ways that are clear, considerate and understandable; demonstrates ease in relating with a diverse range of people of varying backgrounds, ages, experience and education levels
  • The ability to establish a process for activities that lead to the implementation of systems, procedures or outcomes
    • Defines plans and organizes activities necessary to reach targeted goals; organizes and utilizes resources in ways that maximize their effectiveness; implements appropriate plans and adjusts them as necessary; consistently demonstrates organization and detail orientation
  • The ability to identify key components of a problem to formulate a solution or solutions
    • Analyzes all data relative to a problem; divides complex issues into simpler components in order to achieve clarity; selects the best options available to solve specific problems; applies all relevant resources to implement suitable solutions
  • The ability to prioritize and complete tasks in order to deliver desired outcomes within allotted time frames
    • Independently pursues business objectives in an organized and efficient manner; prioritizes activities as necessary to meet job responsibilities; maintains required level of activity toward achieving goals without direct supervision; minimizes work flow disruptions and time wasters to complete high-quality work within a specified time frame
  • The ability to initiate and sustain momentum without external stimulation
    • Initiates relevant activities toward achieving business goals; independently completes projects and produces desired results; requires little or no supervision to stay focused on necessary activities; readily identifies and pursues business opportunities without outside direction

Typical Duties

  • General Equipment Maintenance
    • Identifies or addresses malfunctions of plant operational equipment
    • Monitors plant equipment operation and performance, adjusting to performance specifications, as necessary, and performing routine preventative maintenance
    • Communicates status of operating equipment to supervisors or personnel
    • Maintain logs, reports, work requests, or other records of work performed in plant
    • Maintains the building, phone system, and network/computer cabling
    • Provides 24-hour on-call assistance for USA
  • Capital Equipment Projects
    • Installation of new equipment and systems
    • Creates work instructions for production processes of new equipment
    • Training of appropriate personnel on new equipment and systems
  • Internal Product and Process Improvements
    • Generates ideas for improvement projects, creates drawings in AutoCAD, budgets, prioritizes low cost projects and submits large projects for approval