Job Openings Senior Data Engineer

About the job Senior Data Engineer

Gentis Solutions is seeking a Senior Data Analyst to join our team. This contract-to-hire position is with one of our Fortune 50 clients interested in full-time flex/remote consultants. The ideal candidates will have the required skills listed below and will be eligible and open to being hired by our client at the end of the project's duration. This position works alongside an existing team and leverages enterprise-level technologies and processes. If you would like to work at a company that has been recognized for its diversity and inclusion, its work to drive positive social change, and as an environmental leader, make sure you apply below.


  • 2+ years of direct experience in managing and curating data catalogs, with a proven track record of technical expertise
  • 2+ years of experience working closely with data stewardship principles and practices, demonstrating a strong understanding of data governance and stewardship concepts
  • Experience with Cloud Platforms, including Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS), Unity Catalog, Databricks, and Azure Synapse, with a strong understanding of metadata management, security principles, and fundamental cloud concepts
  • Expertise with Python and SQL for querying and managing databases for data storage and retrieval
  • Strong experience in network administration, with a solid foundation in managing data access and security in a networked environment
  • Strong previous experience working with Alation or any other leading data catalog platform, showcasing proficiency in configuring and customizing such tools
  • Proficiency integrating data catalog processes, customizing configurations, implementing connectors, and creating data processing scripts
  • Familiarity with other data catalog solutions in addition to Alation, highlighting versatility and adaptability in managing various cataloging technologies
  • Support, maintain, and document software functionality, best practices, standards, and processes
  • Demonstrable critical thinking
  • Experience with an E-commerce or multi-channel retail environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Be passionate about Metadata and Databases!

Desirable Skills

  • Relevant certifications in data management, data governance, or related fields are a plus
  • Knowledge with Databricks or Jupyter Notebooks for data engineering, data preparation, collaborative data analytics, data analysis and documentation a plus
  • Familiarity with Tableau, Power BI or other data visualization and reporting tools a plus

Typical Duties

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to contribute to and validate the technical aspects of the Data Catalog Roadmap, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives
  • Configure and customize the data catalog platform, such as Alation, to accurately represent our organization's data landscape, making it a valuable resource for data users
  • Implement and maintain permissions in Alation, ensuring that the Data Catalog is used in accordance with data access policies and security protocols
  • Take ownership of data source-specific configurations in Alation, and delegate specific actions to Data Source Administrators, overseeing their work to maintain consistency and accuracy
  • Set up and manage authentication mechanisms, user accounts, groups, and other relevant security components to safeguard data access and maintain compliance
  • Write, maintain, and execute Security Plans, IT Playbooks, Support Plans, and Data Access Policies to ensure the reliable and secure operation of the Data Catalog
  • Assign specific tasks and responsibilities to other members of the technical team, ensuring efficient collaboration and workload distribution
  • Work closely with the product management team to prioritize data source requirements and project plans, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives
  • Collaborate with product management to define operational standards and procedures for the data catalog, promoting consistency and best practices
  • Plan and coordinate the ingestion of new or updated Business Intelligence (BI) and data sources, ensuring seamless integration into the catalog
  • Work with product management to define the settings and repeatable patterns for configuring new data sources and managing access permissions
  • Coordinate with all data management and IT organizations as required, including compliance and governance organizations, to ensure cross-functional alignment
  • Collaborate with the Data Discoverability team to discuss the status of data discoverability initiatives and identify both technical and non-technical issues that may arise
  • Report on operational service level agreements (SLAs) and support performance, providing transparency and accountability
  • Investigate and resolve escalated technical issues, ensuring timely resolution and minimal disruption to data users
  • Delegate the investigation and resolution of issues to the technical team and Data Source Administrators as appropriate, fostering a collaborative problem-solving approach
  • Participate in IT-related communication planning and execution, ensuring that relevant stakeholders are informed of important developments
  • Plan and participate in training sessions to enhance the skills and knowledge of team members and data source administrators
  • Recruit, train, and mentor Data Stewards and/or other team members, fostering their professional development and growth within the organization
  • Actively participate in program status and planning meetings, contributing valuable insights and expertise