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About the job Freelance Writer




Freelance writers are a core part of the growing digital team at Ginx.  The role reports to the site editor(s) and the core purpose of the freelance writing team is to support the company’s digital growth ambitions by creating and publishing engaging content across esports, gaming and entertainment .


Key responsibilities

·        Research, curate, generate and publish articles on

·        Handle the layout, appearance and content of your articles.

·        Use our platform to create engaging, shareable and opinionated content, which will be distributed on the internet platform and in our TV Shows.

·        Cultivate industry relationships with a view to generate exclusive content.

·        Raise the profile of GINX online and help us become THE destination for entertaining and talked-about esports content.

·        Help the team craft and refine ideas, cultivate sources, report, and write articles daily.

·        Monitor trends and contribute to SEO content development.

·        Work closely with the video and social teams so that your content can be distributed across multiple channels.

·        Brainstorm new stories, series, concepts, themes, and formats as needed.

·        Collaborate closely with the site editor(s).

·        Collaborate with the video production department to create video content in relation with the feature articles.

·        Represent GINX at and report on various events and shows.

·        Assist the team as and when needed to meet deadlines and KPIs.