Job Openings Senior Backend Engineer

About the job Senior Backend Engineer

An  online Auction Platform  for buying and selling special items and collectibles, with the purpose  to enable people to discover and obtain special objects that help them fulfill their passions

Job Description
The development team is responsible for the stability, reliability, and versatility of the platform.
Responsible for building new and exciting product features to craft an engaging platform, where users can offer and discover special objects. 
Moving the platform towards a microservices architecture by gradually dismantling a Ruby on Rails monolith.
Make an impact by improving and delivering product innovations for the platform.
Build scalable microservices while measuring and monitoring system performance.
Use experimentation, backed by data analysis, to add product features and deliver the best user experience on the platform.
Developing, testing and scaling our microservices, written in Ruby and some of them in Go, to handle the high volume served by the platform every single day

Skills and Experience:
  • Experience in designing, developing and deploying backend services with a focus on high availability, low latency, and scalability.

  • Proven experience of collaborating closely with other engineers to become a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional team.

  • Technology Stack: Ruby on Rails and Golang
  • Experience with Microservices Architecture