Job Openings Backend Developer (Portugal)

About the job Backend Developer (Portugal)

Senior Back End Developer



  • Developing cutting edge software solutions for startups and corporate clients
  • Developing DApps (Decentralized applications) based on the Ethereum blockchain platform
  • Working alongside other developers in your team and come up with solid and resilient implementations
  • Engaging with clients to understand the product business proposition and make sure the code is aiming to that
  • Developing smart contracts using Solidity
  • Aligning with front end developers to build efficient JSON REST APIs to be consumed by React-based web and mobile apps
  • Writing automated tests for Solidity smart contracts and NodeJS models and API code
  • Reviewing other developers code in form of github pull requests
  • Ensuring that the features you developed are deployed and working on staging and production environments

Required skills & experience

  • 4+ years of professional backend development experience
  • 2+ years of professional Node.js experience
  • Experience in writing automated tests
  • Experience with REST API design and implementation
  • Experience with SQL and NoSql Databases.
  • Basic understanding of Linux and bash
  • Git knowledge (feature branches, github flow)
  • Good teamwork skills

Additional desirable experience

  • Knowledge of ES6+/ES2015+ (new features, specifically: Promises, Async/Await and Generators)
  • Knowledge of how NodeJS work and how to write clean, resilient and performant code
  • Experience in REST API development and best practices (testing, documenting, versioning, monitoring)
  • Testing Framework experience (Jest, Mocha/Chai/Should.js)
  • Docker experience (Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes)
  • Terraform experience
  • Cloud computing platforms: Azure, AWS (user roles / network configuration / VM deployment)
  • Experience with EC2 Web Console and APIs
  • Experience in React
  • Blockchain knowledge - Bitcoin: bitcoin core software and rpc api, bitcoin js libraries, block explorer apis, op-return and timestamping. Ethereum: web3.js, setting up and running geth/parity nodes, solidity smart contracts, truffle.js
  • HTML and CSS experience