Job Openings Assistant Store Manager

About the job Assistant Store Manager

If you are interested in an exciting role, with growth opportunities and a competitive compensation package, then we want to hear from you. We're looking for people who have experience working as an Assistant Store Manager or Supervisor, in Boston, MA. You will have the opportunity to work for one of the leading stores in the Food and Beverage Industry

As an Assistant Manager, you are a member of the store's management team and will assist in managing the store's overall operations while demonstrating the company's values and adhering to all policies and procedures.

Everyone in the firm brings something unique to the table. They work hard to provide excellent service while making customers happy.

Expectations & Competencies:

  • Communicate immediately, precisely, clearly, and concisely to enable effective retail operations. Act with integrity, express your opinion, treat others fairly, develop trust, and respect others.
  • Always provide excellent customer service, supervise, and develop staff to do the same. Communicate with customers to learn their expectations and needs.
  • Guide your team to realize their full potential. Create a healthy learning environment with feedback. Performance-evaluate and advise Store manager on employment decisions.
  • Someone who is proactive. Practice flexible and proactive problem-solving.
  • Use all operational tools to run seamless shifts, prepare for the next shift, give great customer service, train, and develop employees, finish projects, maintain store cleanliness, and manage corporate cash.
  • Assist Store Manager with Programs, Policies, Discipline, Performance Plans, and Team Recognition. Communicate individual and team accomplishments to the Store manager.
  • Develop people. Performance, results, and development should be rewarded and promoted.
  • Act as a role model by being consistent, fair, enthusiastic, available, and confident. Encourage decision-making, responsibility, and authority.
  • Lead to timely goals. Be accountable and focused. Be flexible with your action strategy. Encourage and evaluate your team's goal-setting. Be tenacious
  • Make timely, decisive people decisions. Admit mistakes, learn from them, and accept responsibility. Take sensible, well-thought-out risks when necessary. Recognize and correct crises early; make and accept unpopular decisions or opposing perspectives.

Job responsibilities:

  • Give and ensure others are giving the best customer service possible
  • Solicit customer feedback to know your customer and what they want.
  • Utilize operations book to run an outstanding shift as well as do a proper shift turnover.
  • Effectively communicate with your team, peers, direct report, vendors, and customers
  • Maintain consistent punctual attendance for self and others
  • Bring enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  • Ensure quality. This includes checking orders, rotating products, avoiding expired products, portioning, and handling.
  • Train staff on standards and expectations, hold them accountable and develop internally. Effective review with constant feedback.
  • Adjust shifts to manage the business.
  • Ensure corporate money is used correctly and within guidelines.


  • Hourly Salary of $17 - $18
  • You're Tip Eligible (Hourly Tips Averages at about $5.50 p/h)
  • Assistant Managers are allowed to work 38 - 40 hours per week + up to 5 hours of approved overtime

How to Apply:

If you are interested in working in a fast-paced environment and enjoy working with people, please apply or send us your resume so we can schedule a call with you.