Job Openings Software Developer (Frontend or Backend) (React or Node JS)

About the job Software Developer (Frontend or Backend) (React or Node JS)

  • Working alongside other experienced engineers and designers to quickly build and iterate on backend/API/platform
  • Use modern web tech and influence the stack. The frontend is React/Next.js the backend Node/Express/Nest.js and use TypeScript across the full stack
  • Self-direct your work and co-own the product and will be involved in shaping the roadmap and will own Cron's exploding backend needs
  • Create a robust and scalable backend
  • Build PostgreSQL database models using Prisma, performant REST/GraphQL API with Redis cache, and offline support using IndexedDB, 3rd party integrations, product analytics, transactional email, and service monitoring
  • Build UI components. You'll implement basic UI based on Figma mocks and our design system. You'll collaborate with designers and frontend engineers on user-facing features powered by your backend code. We rapidly ship UI that has a native feel to it by polishing CSS, interaction states, and animations
  • Solve interesting technical problems. Bring your full creativity to solve super-challenging technical problems: from complex backend architecture with 3rd party integrations, syncing app state, to real-time collaboration
  • Junior & Mid-level Developers — don't require any formal qualifications but value learning new skills — especially from one another
  • Someone that feels a sense of duty to the users of their work
  • Highly productive while producing quality code, enjoy pushing out features in a pragmatic and maintainable way, knows when to use duct tape and when to lay a foundation
  • Curious and quick learning — don't expect to have experience in every technology we use, but to learn and be productive quickly , owning several repos and jumping into all of them doesn't scare you.
  • Design sensibility — while you'll co-craft the interface with top designers and frontend engineers, we expect you to have a knack for great UX, such that you feel if something is off and can flag it, or better yet, polish it
  • Attention to detail while pragmatic — strive for few slips in code, Git hygiene, and clear written communication — all while remaining low-ego and simply focusing on solutions
  • Interested in productivity apps/systems — might use your calendar to time block, try out Chrome extensions, configure custom app launchers, or self-optimize in other ways.
  •  Good heart — don't tolerate jerks and are generally just friendly people

Enjoy great career development opportunities in a fast-growing company.

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