Job Openings Freelance Social Media Specialist

About the job Freelance Social Media Specialist

As a Social Media Specialist at GVW, you’ll get to work with our marketing team to help develop brand awareness about our company through social media. 

Responsible for creating and administering content on all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube to build an audience and ensure customer engagement. GVW would like to see a social media channel grow, measured by the amount of content published, when and how people engage with the channel, which content gets the most interaction, and how users respond to any brand messages.


Understanding the targeted audience for each social channel.

Consumer analytics.

Grow and maintain 2 platforms ie Employer and Candidate for awareness and recruiting.

Experience in Canva

Responsible for developing strategy, community management, creative directing, copywriting,customer service and analysing data. 

The Specialist must also measure site metrics, respond to reader comments.

Innovative and creative design abilities.

Working hours: Freelance 

Location: Remote Work

Language Preference: Proficient in English