Job Openings Senior Mobile (React Native) Developer

About the job Senior Mobile (React Native) Developer


Preferably React Native with prior experience in Native iOS and Android Development Requirements:
1. BS / BE in Computer Science (16 years of Education)
2. 2-4 Years relevant Software Engineering experience (iOS & Android).
· Strong software engineering skills· Extensive experience developing business and consumer apps for iOS and/or Android.
· A deep programming experience with iOS and/or Android platform
· A good sense of an intuitive UX design
· Familiar with iOS and Android testing frameworks
· Good at working with the design team
· Strong analytical skills
· Good Understanding of Object-Oriented Design and Programming.
· Good basics of Data Structures and Algorithms.
· Problem Solving Techniques.

Job Description

· Working on developing Mobile apps.
· Understand the current systems through provided diagrams, code and other abstractions.
· Develop new modules into the existing ones as per the defined and already-followed standards.
· Be able to write state-of-the-art applications ranging from complex UIs to challenging middleware and backend components.
· Be able to appreciate and do peer-review, Code Refactoring and suggest alternate design and development schemes.
· Be able to quickly understand any domain-specific artifact, ask good questions for further understanding and then come up with intuitive ideas about solving the problem.
· Gauge a domestically developed module with industry-standards and do changes accordingly.
· Be always good at and appreciative of Research and Development in the problem domain as well as the Technology.