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Security Guard

Position Summary:

The Security Guard is responsible for safety rounds and gangway security. The Security Guard is under

the supervision of the Chief Security Officer while acting as the Response Guard or while on safety

rounds, or while standing gangway security.

It is expected that each shipboard employee to consistently exemplify the principles of the STAR Program's Credo to all team members. In addition, all duties and responsibilities are to be performed in accordance with ISM/ISO and SQM standards, USPH guidelines, Environmental, and Safety policies.

Each shipboard employee may be required to perform all functions in various service venues and throughout the ship.

It is every employees responsibility to always conduct oneself in a professional and courteous manner. This consists of physical and verbal interactions with guests or fellow shipboard employees and/or in the presence of guest contact and crewmember areas.

1. The line places the highest value on the environment and all Crewmembers shall do the same. This position shall work with supervisors and subordinates to understand and comply with the company's environmental policies and be committed to safeguarding the environment.

He/shall direct and immediately inform his/her immediate supervisor if any environmental system does not function properly onboard.

2. The Security Guard shall be familiar with the Safety & Quality Management Program including his responsibilities in the Safety Organization according to the Emergency Plan and Station Bill.

3. The Security Guard shall be familiar with all duties regarding the safety rounds and the gangway security.

4. The Security Guard shall through his/her observations preserve the safety for the passengers, the crew and the vessel.

5. During Safety Rounds the Security Guard shall always be alert and follow the designated procedures. He may be the first person to arrive at the scene of an incident or a fire, and will have to assess a situation and act accordingly until help arrives.

6. The Security Guards shall familiarize themselves on the use and location of all safety related equipment.

7. The Security Guard is otherwise instructed to be an additional spotter around the vessel for any type of problems, being passenger, crew or ship related. The Security Guard shall report immediately any unusual incidents to Chief Security Officer, or if not available, to the Deck Officer on duty. He shall also report if any abuse of ship's property or abuse of Shipboard regulations takes place.

8. He/she shall be familiar with the procedures of solving passenger complaints.

9. Additional routines and work as assigned by supervisor.

The position is responsible for cost containment through the proper use, handling and maintenance of chemicals, supplies and equipment.

Key requirements:

Minimum age for all applicants is 21 years.

Must have clear criminal record.

Must not be on any chronic medication and have clear medical history.

Previous experience in Marine Safety and Security.

Good communication/social skills.

Strong character

Solid professional ethics

Well-tempered and well mannered.

Ability to speak English clearly, distinctly, and cordially with guests.

Ability to read and write English in order to understand and interpret written procedures.

This includes the ability to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms and

to effectively present information and respond to questions from guests, supervisors and